Wellbeing Cultivator

The Library helps residents to live their best lives.

The Library has played a vital role in enhancing the welfare of the community since its founding in 1890. Many core Library services and new opportunities exist to nurture wellbeing in Santa Monica. The City of Santa Monica received a Bloomberg Philanthropies grant to assess the state of wellbeing for the City’s residents and examine options to improve their lives. The result is the Wellbeing Project and Index. Data from the Index — particularly about social cohesion, learning and place – will drive the Library’s community engagement and program design.

In the Spotlight: Wellbeing Discovery Hall

A summer 2015 series of Learn Do Share activities included the theme of wellbeing with a discovery lab and pop-ups that focused on group learning and design. These experiences were creatively explored ways that the Pico Branch at Virginia Avenue Park can actively support wellbeing in the Pico neighborhood, including in the areas of education and careers.

Under this strategic area the Library is committed to supporting Santa Monica as a learning community; providing tools and experiences that stimulate intellectual exploration, emotional development and relationship building; and creating inventive ways for people and groups to make meaningful connections with one another.

Wellbeing Cultivator Launch Goals

Create ways to incorporate social interaction and build community connections across a selection of Library programs

Create a tool to assess the contributions to wellbeing across a range of Library programs. As this data set grows, use it to guide future development of programming.

Co-host a summit to advise on the Library’s Wellbeing objectives and measurements. As a lead-in, create three pop-up wellness information centers through partnerships with other city departments and organizations.

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