As a taste of what’s to come the library held a Raspberry Pi workshop at the Pico Branch Library on April 18, 2016.  Mara Cabrera, Librarian, and a teen from Olympic High School, Revenn, hosted a basic “light up LED” program using the Raspberry Pi computing devices.

Mara and Revenn developed the class to initiate the library’s entry into supporting the development of digital literacy skills in the community. Using commands and computer code, children ages 8-12 were able to program the Raspberry Pi computer to light up LEDs and control them.  The children were given step-by-step instruction to complete this basic project and to learn fundamentals of programming and electrical engineering.  But just as  important, the students had a lot of fun!

Some of the children stayed after class and had many questions for student-instructor Revenn, who was happy to stay and answer them.  The Santa Monica Public Library will continue to develop and promote skills to increase digital literacy as part of the Library’s Strategic Plan focus area: Vibrant Learning Center, as well as the City’s ongoing initiative of Learn + Thrive.